77 Composites

Young and Innovativ

77 Composites is a young and innovativ company from Germany. Lutz and Marcel Riedel, father and son, founded 77 Composites in 2011. The combination of decades of experience about composite materials (Formula 1, DTM, LeMans) paired with state of the art engineering (RWTH Aachen University), makes 77 Composites one of the most innovative companies in the bicycle industry.

Highest Quality:

  • Made in Germany
  • State-of-the-art manufacturing on over 1400 square meter
  • High quality fibers only
  • Workers decades of composite experience


77 Composites is the only carbon fiber bicycle parts manufacturer who supervises the whole production chain, from the production of preimpregnated carbon fiber fabrics to finished products and in-house testing. One of the most important ingredients of manufacturing high quality parts out of carbon fiber is high quality epoxy resin and carbon fiber. Most companies use standard preimpregnated fabrics widely available to the market, standard material for standard quality. 77 Composites strives for the best and highest quality, that’s why we at 77 Composites not only manufacture parts but also have our preimpregnated fabrics custom made.

Unique feature of our wheel sets:

77 Composites patented and unique brake contact surface makes braking with carbon fiber wheel sets safe again. Most carbon fiber wheel sets have the problem of bad braking performance and delamination. Since 77 Composites supervises its raw material manufacturing, we are able to mix our resin with a special additive, which prevents our carbon fiber wheel sets from delaminating. 77 Composites brake contact surfaces withstand temperatures up to 416 °C ( 780,8 Fahrenheit ) without delaminating or losing performance.


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